Treatments for Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown Toenail With InfectionInitial treatments for ingrown toenails, such as soaking your foot in water with Epsom salt, can easily be performed at home.  These home treatments may provide temporary relief, but unfortunately, they do not address the actual problem of the nail growing into the skin of your toe.  This can lead to recurrent ingrown nails and possible infections.  The portion of the nail that is ingrown must be removed to resolve the condition properly.

There are different treatment options available depending on the severity and frequency of the condition.

If the nail is only mildly ingrown, the corner of the nail may be simply cut and removed to relieve the pressure and pain.

If the nail is significantly ingrown or if there is an infection, the entire affected border of the nail should be removed.  This is a quick procedure done in the office, and you will be able to walk or drive immediately after the procedure.  Antibiotics will be given only if necessary.

If this is a recurrent problem, a procedure called a matrixectomy may be done to permanently remove the affected border of the nail.

After an examination, your doctor will discuss which treatment for your ingrown toenail is best for you.

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