What Are Custom Orthotics?

There are many over-the-counter insoles and arch supports available, but not all of these devices are effective.  Like eyeglasses, custom orthotics are prescribed by your doctor and are designed specifically for your feet.  They are worn inside of your shoes in place of the foot bed that came with your shoes.  Custom orthotics control mechanical instabilities in your feet.  They help re-align bones and joints to control excessive motion such as pronation and supination.  They can also provide padding and support to prevent stress and fatigue to your feet.

How Are They Made?

After a thorough evaluation, your doctor will carefully position your feet and then capture the structure of your feet in plaster.  Your plaster casts will then be sent to a lab where the orthotics will be made according to the structure of your cast and your doctor’s prescription.

We use only the highest quality labs that will make your orthotics with the finest materials available to ensure they will last a long time.

Do You Need Custom Orthotics?

Not everyone needs a custom-made orthotic.  Sometimes a proper, supportive shoe may be all that is required to relieve or prevent pain.  However, based on your diagnosis, a custom orthotic may be an excellent conservative treatment your foot ailment.  Such conditions include heel pain, flat feet, tendinitis, neuromas, stress fractures, and other injuries.  Custom orthotics can also help active individuals like runners be more comfortable and efficient during their activities.