8 Tips to Keep Your Feet Warm on a Cold Weather Walk


Let’s face it, there’s more to the winter walking experience than just getting on the treadmill. While your feet can get quite cold, you don’t have to let it keep you indoors this winter. Protect your feet in cold weather with these tips from Dr. Hubert Lee of CarePlus Foot & Ankle Specialists.

  1. Wear shoes that are less-breathable. Make the switch to trail shoes or boots without mesh uppers. You still want shoes that are flexible enough for walking, rather than stiff boots, so you don’t find yourself with foot pain or shin splints.
  2. Double up your socks. The traditional combo for hiking is a moisture-reducing, polypropylene thinner sock with a thicker outer woolen sock. This combination is great for keeping your toes warmer during winter walking.
  3. Use paper to insulate. Tour de France cyclists use paper to make an effective insulator that is disposable. On colder days, fold a paper towel or napkin over the top of your foot, and over and under your toes before putting on your shoe.
  4. Try toe warmers. Toe warmers are single-use and deliver gentle heat for up to six hours. Simply insert them in your shoe above or below your toes. The heat is activated when you open the packet.
  1. Keep your feet dry with sweat-absorbing socks. During cold weather, wet feet equal cold feet. Your feet can sweat even though it’s cold outside, so wear socks that will wick the sweat away from the skin. Avoid cotton socks as they will soak up the sweat.
  2. Repel the rain and snow. Invest in a pair of waterproof shoes. This typically adds $20 or more to the price of the shoe, but it is well worth it.
  3. Plastic wrap keeps cold air out. Tuck a sandwich bag or plastic wrap between the top of your shoe and upper foot to prevent cold air from affecting your toes. It’s thin enough to fit in your shoe without having to change the type of socks you wear.
  4. Pick up the pace. Always start at an easy pace and then pick it up with some intervals of faster walking. Try to choose a route that includes hills or stairs when you start out to get your blood moving.

The colder weather doesn’t have to keep you indoors. Follow these tips from Dr. Hubert Lee of CarePlus Foot & Ankle Specialists and enjoy the outdoors this winter. If you are experiencing any issues with your feet or ankles – don’t hesitate – call our office today at (425) 455-0936 or click here to schedule a consultation online.


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